Agencies specialized in corporate travel

The corporate travel agencies are specialized in organizing business travel and events for company employees. They present their clients with all types of accommodations and logistics and provide them with real-time availability and rates to manage and book their travel. In this article, you will learn what corporate travel agencies are and why companies can benefit from them.

What are the advantages for companies of hiring a corporate travel agency?

  • Time and cost savings
  • Negotiation of commercial rates
  • Efficiency
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week assistance
  • Unique discounts
  • Timely route changes
  • Better control of travel policies
  • Personalized service
  • Advantage of employee travel

7 of the popular corporate travel agencies

1. Vyootrip

Vyootrip is a travel management company you will want to consider. We sincerely believe that we are the best business travel management solution on the let's start by giving you a complete overview of our service.

At Vyootrip, we want to offer the best travel solutions by solving all the inconveniences and cumbersome processes that traditional agencies have usually given to their users. Corporate travel should not be rigid, and our flexible solutions prove that it doesn't have to be. We have analyzed the industry and taken note of what is needed, so we offer a solution that is unique in its sector, bringing together everything that business travelers have long been asking for.

Unlike traditional agencies, Vyootrip offers a management platform for the company to set up its own corporate travel policies, and can provide autonomy employees to make their own reservations. Saving you time in using the most commonly used method of exchanging emails and calls with the travel agent and the department responsible in the company for the approval of the same, and replacing it with a full automation that filters the transportation and accommodations that conform to the policy previously configured by their manager. Providing much more comfort and saving resources to the companies it assists.

agencies specialized in corporate travel

Innovative technology

Our systems make it easy to book and manage corporate travel, and also provide detailed reports on your trips to take the stress out of post-trip paperwork.

Great traveler experience

From start to finish, the Vyootrip customer experience is overwhelmingly positive. Our customers can book in less than 1 minute and manage trips at all times, with 24/7 human assistance available at all times for any request or incident.

Both companies and business travelers greatly enjoy the experience of booking and traveling with Vyootrip.

Compliance with travel policy

Through automation, we enable your employees to adhere to your company's travel policy at all times, so there are no compliance errors or surprises and bookers can only book what is within your company's policy.

We make sure to keep your travel and policy data at your fingertips in real time. If someone wants to book outside of the policy, they will need to request approval first.


American Express Global Business Travel is one of the world's largest business travel agencies. Amex Express offers 24/7 coverage for business travelers on the move around the world. With their business travel management agency service, business travelers will receive all the assistance and advice they need to make the most of their trip. With the extensive corporate travel network, they are located in more than 130 countries. Giving extensive assistance to companies to find a corporate travel agent to manage their employees' travel bookings.

3. BCD Travel

BCD Travel is an international travel management company that offers business travelers an easy way to find hotels and flights. With BCD travel's service, travelers can examine their options and make the right decision. Some of the services offered by BCD travel agencies include hotel savings, booking expertise, cost savings, policy compliance and comprehensive travel services. In addition to booking travel, agents will also modify employee travel plans, create invoices, find the best hotel rates, and report any travel disruptions.

4. Business for business travelers is the world's largest online booking portal. The travel management company allows customers to access hotels and apartments listed on, as well as destination and event details. The user-friendly website allows business travelers to book and manage all their accommodations, car rentals and more in one place. By using, business travelers can have full visibility and control over their travel.

5. HRG

HRG Worldwide is a travel management company specializing in business travel, data and expense management. Based in the UK, this travel agency offers 24-hour assistance to travelers around the world. Wherever you travel, you'll have access to the best deals and booking tools through this leading business travel agency, whether by phone, online or on the move. By using a service tailored to your needs, you'll have total control over your budget.

6. Travel Leaders

The Travel Leaders group was created in 2008 and has more than 50,000 travel agents worldwide. In fact, it is one of the largest companies offering a personalized service to luxury and corporate clients. The Travel Leaders group is headquartered in New York and has more than 5,000 agencies in the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, the United States and elsewhere. It offers complete travel packages, exclusive deals and much more for business travelers.

7. Egencia

Egencia, part of the Expedia Group, is another corporate travel agency that delivers personalized experiences by providing access to the best travel options. Large and small businesses around the world can benefit from the agency's innovative online tools to increase compliance and savings. With the launch of Egencia's latest app, hotel owners and travelers can engage in conversations to confirm bookings or make requests.



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