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Airbnb makes it possible for hosts in Spain to provide free accommodation

Airbnb has introduced to hosts in Spain a tool for them to offer accommodations free of charge, or at the lowest possible price if required, to medical and healthcare personnel caring for coronavirus patients. Airbnb hosts throughout Spain who have an entire home can request access to this exclusive tool or platform. Airbnb will in no case charge any commission for these stays.

Airbnb will collect requests from healthcare personnel and, once reviewed, will give them access to the Open Homes platform, a tool created in 2012 to deal with emergencies and where doctors and healthcare personnel will have access to different accommodations that fit their desired location and needs.

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The available offer will include free or reduced-price accommodation, offered by the hosts themselves on an exceptional basis for this emergency situation. In addition, Airbnb will grant hosts who offer their accommodation free of charge 50 euros per stay to cover the mandatory clean-up work in the fight against the coronavirus.

We all admire the heroic work being done by healthcare professionals in Spain. Many hosts have already expressed their interest in doing their bit, and with this program they will have a simple and safe way to support these professionals, who will be able to be closer to their patients and rest in a safe environment. We encourage hosts who have an entire apartment available to lend it for free, or at a symbolic price, to the doctors and health professionals who are fighting the coronavirus pandemic," says Monica Casañas, general manager of Airbnb Marketing Services SL.

This initiative follows the launch of similar programs in Italy, France and the United Kingdom. Last Friday, March 27, Airbnb presented a global accommodation program for frontline healthcare professionals that already has more than 60,000 accommodations worldwide. In Spain, in just 48 hours since Airbnb began notifying hosts about the program, 2,000 accommodations in more than 20 cities have joined the initiative.

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