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Airbnb to have a new cleaning protocol

Airbnb will offer a new cleaning service

Airbnb has announced this Monday new hygiene processes to incorporate them into its properties, with the aim of reassuring travelers and reactivating bookings on its platform, which has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The initiative involves a certification program on "procedures and improvement guidelines on how to clean every room in a house," whereby travelers will be able to identify and book those properties that meet the new requirements. The initiative will be implemented in May.

"As governments manage the health crisis and begin to review restrictions before reopening their communities for travel, we at Airbnb are working hard to support our community and prepare for the future of travel by focusing on health and prevention," the company said in a statement.

The cleanup protocol will make available to hosts a series of information resources, as well as authority-approved protection and disinfection materials.

Hosts who are unable to comply with cleaning protocols have an alternative. Through their platform, hosts will be able to mark their properties as "unavailable" for a specific period of time between stays in order to carry out disinfection tasks. This period is currently set at 72 hours, so guests will not be able to make reservations.

Thanks to this initiative, guests will be able to identify on the platform those properties that comply with the new protocol requirements, gaining greater security in their reservations.

For their part, hosts will be provided with information material on cleaning protocols. They will also receive assistance in demonstrating that they are properly following the hygiene tasks of their properties.

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