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Airport lounges. Advantages for business travelers

Sometimes it's impossible to avoid long waits at the airport, especially on international flights. If you travel frequently for work, you probably find yourself with a few hours to spare from time to time, and you know better than anyone that standing at the gate with hundreds of other people is rarely comfortable... or productive! Airport lounges are places where business travelers can rest, refresh and get on with their work. They have private spaces where it is easy to work and offer an ideal environment for networking.

Airport lounges are full of advantages

For most companies, the decision to invest in an airport lounge is a question of profitability. If your company has many business travelers, this small expense can be worthwhile for a number of reasons: early check-in, cancelled flights, long waits, etc. Airport lounges allow your employees to make the most of their time at the airport.

These are some of the advantages airport lounges offer business travelers that should be taken into account:

  • Peace and tranquility. Airport lounges are action-packed places. Travelers coming and going, angry children and babies, TVs constantly on... All this (and more) makes it difficult to concentrate or relax. The reality of airport lounges is very different. As soon as you enter, you will notice a much calmer atmosphere and comfortable, private and very cozy waiting areas. Airport lounges are quiet places where you can read, rest or work.
  • The opportunity to continue working. Many lounges are equipped with amenities such as Internet access, fax, conference rooms, charging stations, etc. These venues allow business travelers to catch up on work, review an upcoming presentation, put the finishing touches on a report and complete projects that need to be finished. No more waiting for the next flight for two or three hours with nothing to do.
  • Personalized assistance. Staff working in airport lounges are highly experienced and customer service oriented.
  • Food and beverage. Airport lounges usually offer travelers a range of free snacks, drinks and small meals. Some also offer hot meals. This service alone can help companies save money that would otherwise be spent at the airport on overpriced snacks and drinks. It is a way to control the expenses incurred in the terminal.
  • Services. Airport lounges often offer a number of useful services for business travelers, such as showers for refreshment or capsules for a much-needed nap, all without fear of missing your flight, as the staff will wake you up when it is time to board. To find out about the amenities of each lounge, you can check the website of the airport in question before your trip. If you are a traveler who subscribes to a lounge access service, such as Priority PassFor example, you will find useful applications that allow you to locate the nearest VIP lounge and view available services.

Investing in airport lounge access: yes or no?

Airport lounges offer business travelers the opportunity to improve their productivity, so the expense often involved in accessing them can be well worth it. They are quiet places where business travelers can rest, prepare for upcoming meetings or debrief after a business meeting. By offering this service to your employees, you can have peace of mind knowing that they are in good hands and can concentrate on their work (an added benefit for both you and them). For more details about airport lounge access for business travelers, please contact your travel management company.

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