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Car rental for companies: everything you need to know

At the time of evaluating a car rental for companies, many are the questions we ask ourselves. How much will it cost? How many kilometers will I be able to drive? Will I have options on the vehicle model? Will I be satisfied after the lease? For all these questions, we have the solution, and that is why from Vyootrip we propose to follow these steps.

What to consider when renting a car

Mainly, the following should be taken into account place where we pick up the vehiclefollowed by the pick-up time and finally the time of delivery and address. Since there are suppliers that allow you to pick up the vehicle in a different place than the delivery, so you should be clear about this option that can be customized to suit the customer..

Driver's age. Most of the companies that rent cars require the driver to be at least 21-23 years old. It is also worth mentioning those that require you to be at least 25 years old.

If you are too young, as they say, it will be more complicated to find a rental car.

Option to enroll up to 2 additional drivers, who will be added to the insurance and who will be able to drive without any worries. However, it is worth mentioning that the clause imposed by the age of the additional driver must also take into account the policy of the rental company.

Choosing the vehicle. This is a key point where depending on your needs you will choose one type of vehicle or another. It is necessary to focus on the cost of corporate travel for the company, so that the car that meets your needs for comfort, safety and the one that saves the most for the company, is the one that should be chosen.

Types of fuel level. There are four ways that companies offer for the fuel level at the time of vehicle pick-up.

  • Prepayment with refund. Once the vehicle is picked up with a full tank, you are obliged to make a payment of that amount of fuel so that, at the time of delivery, if the level is lower than at the time of collection, you will be charged for the prepayment you have made and the remaining amount will be returned to you.
  • Prepaid. Like the previous one, this option obliges you to pay for the tank of the car, since it will be full, so in this way there is no need to deliver the car with a full tank, but empty. It is the option most used by the companies, since, when delivering it, you are never going to deliver it empty so there is a small fuel saving on their part.
  • Full / Full. The collection of the vehicle is done with the tank at 100% so the delivery is done in the same way, thus avoiding you to pay additional surcharges. 
  • Free tank. This case is not very common in Spain, but certain suppliers offer you a free tank, so you would take the vehicle with a full tank and you could leave it as you wish.

Kilometers to be traveled. Certain rental companies offer a vehicle without mileage limit, so you could go wherever you want with it in the corresponding period of time. On the other hand, there are others which have a mileage limit so that the use of the vehicle can be less, which will mean a cost saving, but be careful, the moment you exceed the limit you will be charged for the distance traveled in excess with their own assigned company policies.

Car insurance. The car insurance is one of the most important points at the time of renting a vehicle, since you can take a third party insurance, include coverage for theft or damage and even have the opportunity to hire it at all risk. The prices vary depending on the insurance chosen.

Supplements. In case of choosing a personalized supplement such as pick-up and drop-off location, or a GPS or an additional driver? you will be charged an additional cost corresponding to the required prices.

Benefits of a lease

When considering a car rental for companies, we know that the benefits are imminent and that is why we do this type of leasing. Thanks to the rental of a vehicle we get benefits such as freedom, wanting to go where you want and when you want without having to depend on anyone or anything, that is, you can customize the trip yourself.

Some of the companies offer you the service of leasing with unlimited mileage, so in that period of time you could make a lot of kilometers when you have some free time to visit or get out of the work routine. The limited mileage option can also be a benefit, since economically it is cheaper and you focus only on the right kilometers you have to do.

When renting a car, and in case you have any problem and having contracted the appropriate insurance, you will not have to worry about anything, since such cost will be included in the insurance itself.

It is worth noting the convenience of leasing your own car, alone or with your companions and total comfort to set everything to your liking, whether it is music, air conditioning or similar.

You will be able to transport all kinds of luggage, material? as long as it is in the car, which means a saving of time transporting it in another way and a greater security since it depends on yourself.

Hand in hand, the comfort and savings of public transport go hand in hand, and that is why you will make shorter trips where you will have the opportunity to have breakfast more relaxed or even sleep a little more, which in the end is what you need, a little more peace of mind.

And another final benefit would be, the fact that you want to change your car and at this moment you have the opportunity to test drive a "new one'' to keep thinking about which car you are going to buy.

Most used car rental companies

Europcar, Avis and Hertz are the best rated car rental companies. These three lead the ranking of the most used car rental companies, offering many services and with a huge fleet of vehicles.

corporate car rental companies

Cheapest car rental company

Goldcar is at the top of the cheapest car rental company nationwide. It should be noted that prices may vary, and that is why the graph takes into account the average price.

When managing a car rental reservation for companies, it is important to have experts to facilitate the whole process. With Vyootrip you can access multiple car rental suppliers and have the reservation available on your cell phone. In addition, you will gain peace of mind about the expense because your company will have real-time access to all the expenses incurred, without the need for the traveler to communicate the amount. In this way you can save time and peace of mind in all the management.

Top rated business car rental companies

6. Europcar

Europacar offers good value for money with a reduced cost of coverage extension, variety of fleet of vehicles and numerous offices throughout Spain. Special offers on van rental, home pick-up and delivery and the possibility of booking from mobile or web easily.

5.  Hertz

It has more than 10,400 offices around the world between Hertz Rent-A-Car and its subsidiaries Dollar and Thrifty. It is present on all five continents, with a special presence in the United States and Latin America. Worldwide, it is the leading airport car rental company. Its services include Hertz Gold Choice and a range of models from micro-urban to super sports cars, representative and industrial vehicles.

4. Avis

Avis is an excellent choice for corporate rentals, offering exclusive offers and up to 30 % off your rates. Different billing options are available for companies; for example, all rentals on an account can be billed to a single corporate credit card.

3.  Sixt

It is a German family-owned company with more than 2,000 branches worldwidehave a presence in more than 100 countries. Customers will be able to rent a car no older than three months at reasonable prices.

With more than 100 years in the business, the company's staff offers individual treatment and is committed to providing you with fair advice. The price of each month is fixed, thus avoiding problems derived from the cost. Its web platform has great offers and promotions.

2.  Budget

Budget is a subsidiary of Avis and offers some of the lowest rates in the car rental market. The company has more than 2,900 offices in the U.S. and another 2,200 worldwide. It has offices in almost all Spanish cities, serious and professional customer service. Wide range of pre-owned models at very good prices.

This company is one of those with the lowest fares. It also offers exclusive options and offers for small and medium-sized companies, as well as for individual business travelers. A minimum of five rentals per year is required.

1 Enterprise ? Best car rental service

Enterprise is the car rental company best valued by customers for its reliability and quality of customer service.

It has more offices worldwide than any other company. And it offers excellent value for money, often with cheaper single-day rentals than most of the other companies in the comparison. Also of note is the Enterprise Plus rewards program, which offers points for every euro you spend and gives you benefits such as car upgrades and access to a members-only payment line.

It's easy to make a reservation through the Enterprise website. You can find locations at airports or neighborhoods throughout Spain and choose from a wide range of cars, including vans, sports cars and electric vehicles. A great service provided by Enterprise is free pick-up. If you make a reservation at a non-airport location, Enterprise will pick it up and bring it to the office for you.

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