Corporate travel management

Aplica la tecnología en tus viajes para ahorrar tiempo y dinero.

Corporate travel management
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Past problems

The management of corporate travel has usually meant a great loss of time for companies. They had to coordinate the suitability of the trip between the traveler, the person in charge of managing the trips, and the agency that provided the service. Producing a multitude of calls or emails between all parties until they managed to adapt and adapt the needs and preferences of the traveler and the company to the travel policy of the same.

Today we can speed up this process thanks to technological improvements.

corporate travel management

Technology at service

En Vyootrip hemos desarrollado una plataforma que facilita la gestión de viajes corporativos. Conectando directamente con proveedores de todo el mundo para conseguir el mejor precio, y pudiendo implementar de manera automática la política de viajes de la empresa para que los viajeros puedan reservar de manera autónoma cumpliendo la misma.

Dotando, al mismo tiempo, a los gestores de la empresa, de un control del gasto y de los viajes de todos sus empleados. Centralizando toda esta información en un mismo lugar.

corporate travel management
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Global vision

From a single platform you will be able to obtain a global vision of your company's corporate travel management. Controlling expenses and accessing data and graphs that will provide you with key information to optimize travel.

Organize as you wish

Have the freedom to freely create departments, groups, or projects in your own way, to organize all the travelers in your company.

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Complete 360º assistance

We provide 24/7 multichannel personalized assistance to help you with the management of your corporate travel. Our team of agents will always be ready and available to assist you and your travelers.

corporate travel assistance
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Single billing

Forget about managing multiple documents and invoices. In our platform we will provide you with a single invoice at the end of the month, which will include all your company's travel expenses.

Simple and intuitive platform

Corporate travel management should not be complicated. It should be accessible to everyone. For all travelers. That they can book freely on any device following the travel policy of your company. In Vyootrip we provide a very easy to use platform.

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corporate travel management

Use Vyootrip from any device

What do they say about Vyootrip?


Gregorio López

CEO of Mox

We have a staff of hundreds of employees and coordinating their travel involved a lot of time and resources.
Since we have been using Vyootrip's services and automations, managing our business trips is no longer a problem.


Luis Castañeda

Primex CEO

For our corporate travel, we used to need countless phone calls and emails to organize a trip.
Now in a couple of clicks I control everything.

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