masks for travel on public transportation

Free face masks are distributed on public transport

Starting this Monday, hygienic masks will be distributed on public transport as protection for all people who have to go out on the street for work reasons and need to use a means of transportation.

The masks are manufactured without particulate filters although they serve as a protective barrier. They are intended for adults who do not present symptoms and do not have filtering face masks.

The use of the mask should be single-use and non-transferable, although it can be used more than once if it is used for short periods of time. The mask should be washed with soap and water, or by applying an alcohol-based liquid.

To place it, the person must wash his/her hands. Once placed, it should not be touched again. If it needs to be done, do not forget to wash your hands again.

To remove it, the following must be done: take off the protective gloves; then wash your hands, remove the mask without touching the front part and dispose of it in the container inside a plastic bag. Finally, we must wash our hands again.

Delivery in Andalusia

In Andalusia, the distribution of 1.87 million masks to workers using public transport began at 06.00 am.

The number of masks to be distributed in Andalusia is as follows: Seville, with 434,000, followed by Malaga with 434,000; Cadiz with 276,000, Granada with 204,000, Cordoba with 174,000, Almeria with 160,000, Jaen with 142,000 and Huelva with 116,000.

In Almería, the distribution will take place at the Intermodal station, while in Cádiz it will be in 18 municipalities, such as Plaza de España, Jerez de la Frontera and San Fernando train stations, as well as other stations in Algeciras, Puerto Real, San Fernando and La Línea de la Concepción.

In Cordoba, the distribution points will be located in Ronda de Tejares, bus station and Renfe station in the capital. In Granada, distribution will take place at the metro station, La Caleta bus station and Puerta Real bus station. In Huelva, the intercity bus stations, train station, city bus departure points and several stops throughout the province.

In Jaén, the distribution will be made in 16 municipalities, including the bus and train station of the capital, as well as urban bus stops. In Malaga, they will be distributed at María Zambrano station, Alameda principal bus stop, Hospital Clínico stop of Metro Malaga and Cercanías. Finally, in Seville, they will be distributed at Puerta de Jerez, Tussam, metro, train and bus stations.

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