Gadgets recommended for business travelers

Gone are the days when a phone and laptop were all that was needed for a business trip. Today, travel gadgets go beyond the usual electronics to include items that streamline work and often solve a myriad of problems that can arise on a business trip. Here are several of the best gadgets recommended for business travelers.

External battery

There are more and more airports with charging stations, but sometimes it is still difficult to find a power outlet in many of them. To compensate for this, a small portable charger (a rechargeable battery, in fact) fits easily into a suitcase, while other cup-shaped chargers fit into the bottle holder in the center console of cars. As a last resort, there are also solar and manual chargers.

gadget traveler battery

MiFi Modem

Although many airports now offer free WiFi, others still charge for the service. For just over €50, you can get a 4G modem (also called a MiFi or wireless hotspot), which provides Internet access whenever a network is available.

mifi travel gadget


This travel gadget is for those who frequently live in conference rooms and PowerPoint presentations. The micro projector is so small that it could even fit in your pocket, while displaying the size and resolution of a large screen TV. This gadget ensures that you will never have to rely on someone else's technology again.

micro projector gadget

Noise canceling headphones

Although noise-canceling headsets have long been the technology of choice for travelers, large circumaural headsets are not always practical for business travelers. However, noise-canceling headphones are becoming more common from big brands like Bose. Some are even available as wireless Bluetooth headsets.

gadget headphones

Locatable key ring

The rush and the hustle and bustle of a business trip can make us leave our keys, wallet, or other important items anywhere parked and forget them in a hurry. Therefore, a trackable tracker will allow you to locate these objects from your smartphone.

gadget keychain

Cervical massager for travel

On a business trip, stress and constant transfers can strain the neck and cervical vertebrae. It is important to be in good shape to be able to face the various meetings with customers and suppliers. Therefore, a portable cervical massager for travel is an excellent tool that will not take up much space in your suitcase, and will allow you to alleviate these ailments.

gadget massager

Intelligent luggage

We've all been sitting in the airport waiting for our flight and wishing there was an outlet available to charge our electronics (that didn't involve sitting on the floor next to a trash can). This solves that problem. Enter Bluesmart, a line of suitcases that actually have built-in USB charging ports for multiple charging. In addition, the suitcase also has a built-in scale, lock and tracker for your luggage. best suitcase ever?

smart suitcase gadget
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