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Green light for agencies to issue bonds

The Spanish Government yesterday approved a temporary and punctual modification of the package travel regulations, a demand that the different employers' associations of the sector have been making since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis and the wave of cancellations, as reported by ACAVE. This association has positively valued this measure, but warns that it will maintain the complaints to the 22 airlines, filed in recent days, which fail to comply with the European Regulation 261/2004 to reimburse in cash the canceled tickets.

"ACAVE will continue to demand the application of the same for all flights departing from a Community country and for all flights arriving in a Community country and operated by a Community airline."

The relaxation of the package travel regulations had been raised with the Ministry of Consumer Affairs several weeks ago. "This measure was taken on an exceptional basis in view of the situation caused by COVID-19," recalls ACAVE.

According to this association of travel agencies with more than 500 associated companies, "with the approved modification, in those cases in which the suppliers reimburse with vouchers, the travel agencies will also be able to reimburse these services with vouchers, which will be redeemable in cash by the consumers after one year once the state of alarm has ended, if they are not used".

ACAVE considers that this could be "a solution for those cases in which the different suppliers involved in a package tour do not have their own regulations that oblige them to make cash refunds".

The approved amendment also extends to 60 days the period travel agencies have to reimburse their customers.

"This allows travel agencies, faced with the flood of cancellations due to COVID-19, to properly manage the cancellation of services (airlines, accommodations and activities) with all suppliers and to do everything in their power to obtain reimbursement for the benefit of their clients," adds the association.

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