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Health passport: a digital travel solution

Given the current restrictions on mobility between countries, airlines have raised the possibility of a health passport to encourage travelers' movements and speed up the procedures currently required.

As of March, the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which encompasses more than 300 airlines, will launch an initiative aimed at restoring air traffic to normal.

What does the health passport consist of?

The initiative is a mobile app, called IATA Travel PassThe covid-19 vaccination tests, as well as any test results that may have been performed, can be accessed digitally by passengers.

Therefore, through this tool we will be able to verify if we meet the requirements to be able to fly. Likewise, vaccination certificates will be shared with the authorities and airlines in order to expedite the process at the time of travel.

In this way, IATA will provide a digital solution to the traveler, without the need for physical documents, and will be able to obtain it in the following way free through a download. This tool will last as long as the risk from the virus is maintained. In addition, the app will assign the traveler a digital identity so that companies can confirm the owner of the health passport.

In addition, the app will include destination country information The user will have a much simpler experience when searching for these places in the destination country, as well as a list of vaccination and testing centers where the necessary procedures can be performed. In this way, the user will have a much simpler experience when looking for these places in the destination country.

Travelers will be able to share their test certificates directly with the airline through the app, including before arriving at the airportand then automatically complete the requirements in the billing system.

With this action, the goal will be to restore the economic activity of those companies hit by the pandemic, as well as to reconnect travelers from all over the world in a safer way. 

First companies to apply the passport

Emirates y Etihad Airways will be the first airlines to test the application, according to the agreements they have reached with IATA. Etihand Airways with flights from Abu Dhabi from the first quarter of 2021 and Emirates from April.

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