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Iberia and Air Europa resume transoceanic flights

Iberia and Air Europa will resume transoceanic flights in a matter of days. Both airlines already have their long-haul schedules, which will be subject to the lifting of the remaining travel restrictions.

Iberia will operate to 16 destinations in the Americas with a total of 42 weekly frequencies in July and August (Iberia is finalizing its schedule to start long-haul flights on July 1). The destinations with the most frequencies are Dallas (seven in July and the same in August), Santo Domingo (four in both months), Santiago de Chile (three), Mexico City (three and four), Miami (three) and Quito (three in July and two in August).

They are followed by New York (with two in July and three in August); Lima and Chicago (one in July and three in August); and Montevideo, Havana, Panama City and San José (one in July and two in August). Flights to Puerto Rico, Guatemala City and El Salvador will resume in August, with two weekly frequencies in the case of the first destination and one in the other two.

Air Europa resumes operations starting July 15 with three weekly frequencies to Lima, Sao Paulo and Santo Domingo. It will also operate two flights per week to Asuncion, Panama, Montevideo, Caracas, Havana, Ecuador, Miami, New York and Santa Cruz de la Sierra, while Cancun, Punta Cana and San Pedro de Sula will be served once every seven days.

The company has announced that the routes to Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Bogota, Medellin and Salvador de Bahia will resume on September 1 (three weekly frequencies to the first three and two to the latter). Finally, flights to Recife and Fortaleza will return as of November 1 (two frequencies in both cases).

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