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KLM reestablishes eight routes in Europe

KLM has started to reinstate, as of May 4, some of its routes with increased frequency after being suspended due to operational restrictions.

The company's goal for this May is to reestablish 15% of its flights, compared to the period prior to the outbreak of the virus. In the cities of Madrid and Barcelona, the company operates with a fleet of Embraer 90s with capacity for 100 passengers.

The company has explained that, for the moment, only those people who have the permission to make an essential trip or for being health or security professionals are flying. They point out that the routes will be reopened gradually, but may change, depending on the measures taken by the various authorities.

As of May 11, and simultaneously with the reestablishment of KLM's flight network, the use of face masks will be mandatory on board and during boarding. Passengers must be responsible for carrying their own face masks. This measure will last in principle until August 31.

Throughout the week, the airline will explain more details at klm.com. all information will be included in the pre-trip and check-in information passengers receive.

In addition to the use of face masks, the airline has taken a series of measures:

  • Seat restrictions. KLM is aware of the social distancing measure. Therefore, on those flights with low occupancy, we will try to establish as much space as possible between travelers.
  • Hygiene. The company has provided sanitary disinfection material. In addition, all employees on board will wear masks and gloves.
  • Catering. The catering service has been reduced to avoid contact between travelers and crew.
  • Passengers. At Amsterdam-Schilphol airport, passengers are medically screened prior to boarding by KLM staff in cooperation with the airport staff.
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