new measures in airplanes

Lufthansa forces passengers to wear face masks

The Lufthansa group has announced that it will only allow passengers to fly on its aircraft if they wear a mask during the flight. The German group will apply this new measure to all its airlines: Brussels Airlines, Austrian, Swiss, Edelweiss and Eurowings.

The airline also recommends travelers to wear the mask also before boarding, during their stay in the airport areas, where there are many points of risk. 

However, the German group warns of the difficulty of guaranteeing a safe distance between people at all times during the flight, despite all efforts. The movement of employees or even travelers to use the service, for example, makes it impossible to guarantee the minimum distance at all times. For this reason, the use of face masks has been agreed. The company's employees will also be required to wear face masks during the flight.

The mask should cover the mouth and nose. A reusable mask is recommended, but other types of protection, including a scarf, may be acceptable. 

Airlines will inform their passengers of the new measure by sending an SMS or e-mail. Initially, the new restriction on the use of the mask will apply until August 31 of this year, with the possibility of extending it. The German group has also communicated that the current regulation, which indicates that there must be an empty seat between passengers, will be definitively suspended. 

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