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Machine learning in business travel

The Machine Learning (or machine learning) is a growing technology that is becoming more widespread in more and more fields. It is a branch of artificial intelligence that allows software systems to learn by themselves and perform tasks autonomously without the need for programming.

In this article we will see how the Machine Learning help personalize the business traveler's experience and automate certain tasks for companies in the industry.

How does machine learning help personalize the business traveler's experience?

Machine learning saves time and money. All this is possible by making sense of the data and providing recommendations. For example, a business traveler might receive, when looking for accommodation or transportation, multiple options based on previous trips he or she has taken. Machine Learning is able to find recurring patterns in their preferences and behaviors, and then predict the best options that can satisfy both the company's policy and their needs. There is a lot of data, but humans can't process it manually. This is where Machine Learning comes in.

How can it help companies?

Apart from the actual experience and well-being of traveling employees, it is also interesting in the context of spending. As Machine learning allows to adjust expense authorizations according to different travel policies and countries.

It also plays a role in the consolidation of expenses. Since, nowadays, this process is usually done manually.

By automating and simplifying this task, errors are avoided and less money is lost.

Has the industry understood the challenges of machine learning?

Companies have understood the opportunities that machine learning represents, especially in terms of cost savings. But that doesn't mean they are using it effectively. Because the way companies' systems have been built is very static, and it is often difficult to add a technological layer that allows them to analyze data and generate recommendations.

Machine Learning at Vyootrip

Vyootrip is a business travel management platform born natively digital. This has allowed us to lay the foundations to grow and develop systems based on artificial intelligence.

Therefore, this is not only in the present of the company. Providing the traveler with the best suppliers and services, adapting it to the policy of your company, and optimizing their spending. It is also in the plans for the near future. Since we want our systems to learn more and more about the needs and patterns of both a company and its travelers, so that the system learns by itself and optimizes all processes and expenses related to travel.

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