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NH to increase the opening of its establishments in June

NH Hotel Group plans to have 55% of its hotels open during the month of June: a total of 200 of its 361 establishments worldwide.

So far, only 12 hotels remained open in southern Europe, most of them to accommodate essential groups during the confinement. In the north of the continent, the company had just over 40 establishments, and in Latin America, most of the hotels are still suspended and are expected to be the last to recover.

Over the course of this month, it will gradually reopen 57% of the hotels it operates in Southern Europe (100 out of 177). The company will thus reach 60 establishments in Spain, 27 in Italy, nine in Portugal and four in France by the end of June.

In Northern Europe, the group also plans to increase the number of operating establishments by the end of June, reaching 83 open hotels out of the 127 it operates in these countries.

With respect to Latin America, the establishments operating there will be the last to confirm their reopening due to the fact that this continent has been the last to be affected by the mobility restrictions. However, the hotel group maintains a certain presence in some major cities such as Bogota and Buenos Aires, among others, and expects to start reopening more hotels in July.

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