Renfe recommendations

Renfe's recommendations from May 11 onwards

Renfe has announced that Cercanías trains will return to pre-state of alarm activity levels as of May 11.

When the state of alarm was decreed, all public transport services in the country were reduced to 50%, except for the Cercanías, although these were adjusted according to demand. From Monday, May 11, all the Cercanías will be recovering their natural activity adapting to the demand, facilitating the safety distance between passengers. Renfe's objective is to increase train frequencies, especially at peak hours.

The company has emphasized the responsibility of travelers to keep a safe distance. The communication campaign, under the slogan 'Being closer and closer depends on you', emphasizes the individual responsibility that is appealed to, and will be accompanied by recommendations for traveling by public transport but also by mandatory measures.

Renfe has launched a series of recommendations in order to know whether we should use it or not: if someone has contracted covid-19 or has symptoms, he/she should not use public transport. In turn, it should also be avoided by those who belong to a risk group. If possible, it is always best to avoid public transport. If someone needs to travel, it is preferable to walk or cycle.

Travel recommendations

  • Avoid paying in cash and opt for payment by credit card instead.
  • Wear a mask inside the train carriages, as well as in stations, stops and corridors.
  • Avoid talking to other users or making phone calls.
  • Do not consume food or beverages inside the facilities.
  • Pay attention to signage, public address announcements and the instructions of drivers and security personnel.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water (or hydroalcoholic gel, if not) before and after traveling.
  • Remain at the station for the minimum time necessary.
  • Always leave space between users, especially if they form queues for ticket validation
  • Spread out at stops, on platforms, or in cars or buses so as not to crowd into a single area
  • Maintain a single row on escalatorswithout overtaking, and maintain a separation of at least two steps.
  • Do not use elevators except in essential cases.
  • Maintain a prudent distance to the edge of the platform or roadway, and do not approach the gates prior to the descent. of the travelers coming in the wagon
  • Do not cross yourself when getting on and off the train or bus. will not leave until they have all come down and gone up.

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