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Renfe launches an improvement of its website

Renfe starts this Monday some modifications to its website to make the contents more simple, visual and accessible and to improve the online ticket sales process. 

The first change results in a new design in the structure of the information and the presentation of the contents of its page. This translates into an improvement in the navigability and usability of the page with respect to the previous version, while making it more intuitive, simple and quicker for users to consult information. 

The second change will come in the coming months throughout the autumn) in which the website will undergo a further improvement with the aim of improving the sale online of banknotes.

The new web design has been developed based on technology that makes it possible to personalize information and services according to the profile of each user and traveler, their habits and preferences, making it a useful customer relationship tool. 

If you need any help when traveling you can access the following portal and request a personalized consultation:

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