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Room Mate Hotels will serve breakfast in the rooms.

Room Mate Hoteles will serve breakfast in rooms

The Room Mate Hotels group has communicated that, once the tourist activity has returned to normal, it will serve breakfast in the room during the first phase of opening, in order to reduce the possible risk of infection and spread of the virus.

For the second phase, the hotel group plans to set up common areas with à la carte breakfast service to avoid possible crowds at the buffet. For the third phase, access to the buffet will be allowed in shifts, with appropriate security measures in place.

Kike Sarasola, president of the hotel group, has announced that Room Mate has already established new protocols and security systems since March in the 13 hotels it has set up for healthcare personnel and senior citizens in Spain, France, the USA and Italy.

Room Mate will apply the new protocol in its 28 hotels, which will include disinfection processes in rooms and areas of high traffic, installation of doormats with water and bleach solution in the entrance area and elevators, and modification of the reception area with glass and safety distance markings.

Room Mate will also ensure the protection and safety of its customers and team through the use of masks, gloves, gowns, periodic temperature control, rapid tests and plasma tests.

In addition to these processes, the group will ensure the safety of its customers and employees with the use of protective equipment and tests for the detection of possible infected persons.

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