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Ryanair assures refunds but asks customers to remain calm

Ryanair promises to refund all tickets cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Meanwhile, other airlines such as Air Europa only offer date changes or vouchers to be redeemed in the future, for which it has been sued for not refunding tickets.

Those who request it will receive the amount in their bank account. However, the company asks for patience in view of the number of requests and explains that refunds will take longer than usual and as established by law.

The law establishes a period of 7 working days for the reimbursement to be made, but the airline is advising that it will do so in 28 working days at the most.

On the other hand, Ryanair claims that its website is having problems with the flood of requests from customers. Ryanair is therefore asking travelers not to resubmit their refund requests.

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