spain opens its borders

Spain opens its borders to Europe

The President of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, yesterday announced the opening of borders with the rest of the European Union countries, except Portugal. Spain closed its borders on March 17 in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

The established date will be next Sunday, June 21, so EU citizens will be able to travel to Spain without quarantine. Regarding Portugal, the opening with the Portuguese country will be delayed until July 1.

On the same date, a staggered opening of borders with other "safe countries" outside the EU will begin. These countries will be included in a list agreed on the basis of 3 requirements:

  • Epidemiological situation, which should be similar to or better than that of the EU.
  • Compliance with certain sanitary conditions at origin, en route and destination.
  • Reciprocity. In other words, these countries must also accept passengers from the European Union.

On the other hand, a pilot project of ?safe tourist corridor? starts today in the Balearic Islands with the arrival in 2 weeks of 11,000 German tourists to the islands. According to President Pedro Sánchez, this project will allow to verify the security measures that will later be applied during the current tourist season and will serve as an apprenticeship for the coming months.

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