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The new certificate for the future: COVID Free Hotels

The new covid free hotels certificate

The Madrid Hotel Business Association (AEHM) is working on the development of the reopening of accommodations in the capital. The development consists of creating a common protocol for obtaining a new certificate after the pandemic. This certificate will guarantee the safety of clients and workers in Madrid hotels.

The AEHM wants to present the protocol to public and private institutions, in order to endorse the procedure and so that hotels can obtain the certificate as soon as they have fulfilled the requirements.

Although the accommodations are already working towards reopening, the AEHM document will include all the measures to be taken into account by the hotels in order to resume their natural activity.

This protocol will cover different aspects with the objective of guaranteeing the safety of workers and customers, including both cleaning and hygiene processes and specific tasks for areas such as the cafeteria, bar, etc.

Another aspect to be considered will be those related to logistics and instructions from the health authorities, both from the Ministry of Health and the Community of Madrid.

Since the beginning of the crisis, we have maintained that the priority of hoteliers has been to ensure the health of citizens. For this reason, and in order to be ready when the time comes for them to reopen their doors, we are working on a very exhaustive and previously analyzed protocol that guarantees the safety of our clients and our workers," said Mar de Miguel, general secretary of the Madrid Hotel Business Association.

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