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Tips for writing a business trip report

A business trip report can be one of the simplest ways for a company to keep track of the details of such a trip. Expenses, responsibilities, fulfillment of objectives, etc. As such, such reporting becomes really important for companies with many employees to keep track of. It can also be important for small companies that need to make sure that the economic efforts invested really pay off.

For the traveler, reporting a business trip does not have to be a bad thing. Since can be a tool that shows your professionalism and how valuable you are to the company that employs you.. Just get used to writing them and it will become second nature.

First of all, start by carrying a small notepador an app that virtualizes this task on smartphone and pc, for each business trip. This will be an important part of preparing to write a business trip report later on. Make sure it is one that you can carry in your pocket or purse. The important thing is that you can carry it with you at all times. Get in the habit of carrying a pen as well.

It is necessary to note everything that is required as part of the trip report. Although each company will have different requests. Generally, write down all the expenseseven the unexpected ones. This should be done even if everything is done with the company credit card. You may not be able to access the credit card files while doing the report, so it's better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. If personal expenses are covered, write them down as well.

There are also technology platforms that can automate this task for you. to record expenses and computerize the record directly.

You may also want to record time spent actually working (e.g., in meetings or at business meals), time spent commuting, and time spent doing other business-related things along the way. If you received any gifts from the client or partner, be sure to note in the description and value of the gift (if known).

Now, once you have collected all the data from your trip, you can start writing your business trip report from the first day you are back. Your superior may give you a deadline for the report. But if we exceed the expectations of that deadline by doing it on arrival, it's always a good thing.

The report should include the following elements:

  • Title
  • Date of report
  • Your name and the name of the company colleagues who accompanied you (if any)
  • Names of clients or partners you have seen during the trip
  • Exact dates of each of the events of the trip accompanied by their descriptions
  • Summary:
    • Key things you did for the company during the trip
    • Victories and defeats
  • Expenses and earnings
    • Include a detailed list of expenses and earnings during the trip.
    • After listing the expenses, make a bulleted list of all the reasons why the trip was successful and necessary.

Be sure to follow your particular company's policies regarding the reporting of business trips. Each company will have its own requirements and formats. Here we have provided a format for you. Trust yourself and keep a balanced record that is thorough yet clear and easily interpretable for the most effective business travel report.

Help yourself with digital tools to make your task easier

Nowadays we have many tools that can facilitate the task of preparing a business trip report.

From expense capture and collection platforms such as OkTicket o Captioto others as virtual notepads such as Google Keep, Evernote u Onenote.

We will also find useful task management tools such as Todoist o Notion.

Finally, the most important and specialized to save you work in the management of a business tripwould be platforms such as our own, Vyootrip. A system that will automate many of your travel processes and allow you to offer a more direct expense report.. Discover it here.

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