Much more than just a business travel agency

At Vyootrip , we are much more than just a travel agency for companies. We offer an smart platform that allows you to save much more time and money than with a traditional agency. Automating the processes related to the management of a business trip.

Technology at the service of business optimization.


Travel agency for companies

Travel agency for companies with innovative technology

The use of our service optimizes the company's resources

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Compliance with travel policies
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Average savings in your travel expenses
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Faster to make your bookings

Integral platform configurable according to company policies

It allows you to configure it according to your travel policies so that your employees can access, according to their profile, hotels/flights/trains, which are already filtered according to the parameters entered by the management department.


We study your company to help you create or optimize your travel policies


We apply your company policies to the platform by creating Creating profiles and roles on demand, with personalized configurations for each of them.


Each member of the company can access the application and book their trip autonomously. Only the options that you can choose according to your profile are filtered.


The administrators of the company can see at all times the steps taken by each of their employees.

Reporting and Optimization

Our intelligent system offers a report of all your operations. As well as analytics and metrics that will allow you to optimize your company's travel management.

Traditional business travel agency?

Automated systems?

Which is better?

Don't worry!

Vyootrip brings together the best of both worlds:

Technology - Artificial Intelligence

Nuestra plataforma incluye los últimos avances tecnológicos en automatización, reporting, e inteligencia artificial. Proporcionando un sistema autónomo, configurable, y robusto a las empresas para ayudar a optimizar la gestión de los viajes, ahorrando tiempo y dinero.

Human assistance

A diferencia de otras plataformas, el usuario no se ve abandonado a su suerte frente a un sistema robótico y automatizado sin asistencia humana. En Vyootrip damos asistencia 24/7 para viajeros y empresas. Con personas que te ayudaran en todo momento. Tanto en el apartado operativo como en el estratégico.

What are the advantages?

  • Control of travel requests and bookings
  • Creating a travel policy
  • Automated policies and authorizations
  • Advanced reports
  • Real-time reporting
  • Single invoice
  • Rates negotiated with operators
  • Real-time incident information
  • Trip analysis and optimization
  • Save Time and Money
  • Book and organize your entire business trip in one place
  • Full autonomy
  • Custom platform profile
  • 24/7/365 assistance
  • Google calendar integration
Business travel agency

Features of our service

Define travel policies

Defines and limits travel policies according to the traveler's needs, company policy and budget.

Easy access to bookings

We provide role-based access to your employees and departments.

Automated Monitoring and Reporting

Defines and limits travel policies according to the traveler's needs, company policy and budget.

24/7/365 assistance

We are available to assist you in any process by phone or email.

Customized Business Travel Consulting

We regulate, control, manage and reduce the costs of your company's Business Travel.

Full autonomy

Your employees will be able to book and manage their trips from their smartphone anywhere and at any time.

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