types of business travel

What are the types of business travel?

Are you new to the world of business travel or curious about the types of business travel? It is true that there are many different reasons for setting up a business trip. Just as the needs of each type are also different. So we might wonder about how these needs are met for each of them.

Let's take a look at the different types of business travel.

Meetings with customers

Many professionals have a large number of meetings per week. Especially if they are commercial or executive profiles.

Such is the frequency of meetings, whether it is a routine meeting with a customer or an update with a supplier, that arranging transportation to and from these meetings is an everyday occurrence.

Although virtual meetings are becoming more and more established, leaving the office for some of them can make them more productive.

Face-to-face meetings and business lunches are still essential to establishing healthy and lasting relationships. There is nothing better than putting a face to a name or closing a deal with a handshake.

Visit other offices

Business travel is essential for companies with multiple offices, as it helps to unite the entire operation of the company.

Employees and managers often travel to set up project, performance and strategy meetings with other offices. Travel arrangements vary depending on whether the offices are local, national or international.

Events and conferences

Many companies attend important conferences or events in their industry every year.

You have probably heard about the different fairs, exhibitions and events that are held throughout the year. Well, you should consider attending these events thanks to all the advantages they can bring to your company, at least once a year.

Your company will grow after participating in this type of events, and you will be able to expand your network of contacts while sharing knowledge and learning from other companies in your sector to continue growing and innovating. In addition to establishing more presence in the market and improve your business image while studying your competitors.

To develop and incentivize employees, it would be good to consider encouraging them to attend conferences, trade shows and workshops. Since these events are activities that tend to attract a large number of employees due to the professional development and learning it can give them. With 68% of employees considering learning and development to be the most important opportunity offered by employers.

Incentive travel

The incentive travel are rewards offered by a company to its employees in order to motivate them to meet a certain objective.

A company-sponsored vacation to an interesting location not only provides a great incentive, but also fosters loyalty to the company. recognition or loyalty, which is a business tool used to modify consumer behavior to increase profits, cash flow, employee engagement and customer commitment.

This type of business travel seeks to create and stimulate interpersonal and working relationships.

An incentive trip should be unique, fun and creative, and ideally include outdoor activities, adventure and teamwork.


A final type of business travel is Bleisure. A term that comes from the combination of "business travel" with "leisure travel".

On a trip there can be a lot of downtime outside the work period, which can be used to enjoy the sights in the destination city. It can even be an added time at the end of the business trip, to take advantage and enjoy a few more days there for a few days of vacation with the permission of the company.

If the business trip is long-distance and to an interesting and beautiful location, employees are understandably eager to stay and enjoy themselves. As a result, surveys and various studies show the growing trend of business travelers extending leisure travel, or including it within leisure travel. As Expedia Media Solutions pointed out in its study, already more than 60% include it.

In addition, with many professionals already accustomed to remote work, staying in travel destinations for days or weeks beyond business trips could become the new normal.

Easily manage any type of business trip

In a business trip there are many variables to take into account. And many processes related to it. Transportation, accommodation, group travel, facilities, security, implementing company policies, etc.

For this, there is nothing better than a platform that allows you to manage all this from a single place, implementing your travel policies, to control and optimize the cost and processes of the trip in the best way.

At Vyootrip we invite you to get to know our business travel management platform. An ideal solution for any company.

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