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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

VyooTrip is a travel management platform for companies. For this purpose, we have an advanced platform in which all companies can carry out their business trips autonomously, saving time and money throughout the process.

This is the use of automated technology in which all business travellers will be able to book accommodation, flights and trains autonomously, without the need for authorisation from any supervisor within the company, thanks to the fact that we have designed and incorporated our own travel policy, which is integrated into our platform.

VyooTrip offers companies a platform where they can manage their entire journey, including accommodation and transport, in simple steps. To do so, the company has two different accesses:

  • Traveler's site: From this channel we can make all kinds of bookings for hotels, flights and trains, filtered by the company's travel policies.
  • Company site: This access allows the company to control and manage all the bookings made by the users who travel, in order to achieve total control of the trips and, therefore, of the expenses destined to this activity.

Booking accommodation is super easy from our platform. We simply select the destination and dates in the search engine, choose a room and we will automatically download the booking confirmation in the traveler profile.

At VyooTrip we can book any type of transport. You only have to go to the flights and/or trains tab, select the origin and destination of your trip and the dates on which you need the transport.

Currently most of the accommodation and transport bookings in companies are made manually. All this involves a transit of emails, authorizations to the supervisor that result in a great waste of time.

In VyooTrip travelers can organize their trip autonomously through any device, saving 80% of the time dedicated to this task.

At VyooTrip we design a travel policy for each company so that we can establish filters for our employees, regulating the expenditure we allocate to hotel and transport reservations.

In this way we avoid exceeding budget limits since each traveler will be regulated and controlled thanks to the travel policies. That is to say, the traveler will only be able to opt for accommodations and transportation that are within his spending limits, imposed by his company.

Thanks to this simple control we will manage to save our company money at the end of the month.

In VyooTrip we offer an important solution: we group all the traveller's expenses in a single invoice at the end of the month. In this way we eliminate the lack of control of multiple invoices.

We understand that any kind of unforeseen incidents may occur during the trip. It is very important for the traveller to have a help centre to solve these problems.

One of the strengths of VyooTrip is the 24 hour support during the trip. From the moment the traveller starts his journey until he returns he will be attended 24 hours a day by the assistance staff in case he should have any kind of incident.

With VyooTrip you have access to a global inventory of accommodations, so you can travel anywhere in the world.

The method of payment is by credit card.

Users may cancel without any additional cost any room while it is in cancellation period.

You will be able to communicate with our travel assistants in both Spanish and English.

The company can start using their platform profiles on the same day as they are hired.

Of course! Just fill out the form that appears here and we'll contact you right away.

Any user or company can unsubscribe from VyooTrip at any time without any cost

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