Time-saving business travel

You will have all the information in one place and optimize your company's travel expenses.


Real-time information

TRM (Travel Relationship Management) is a tool that will provide you with all the travel information in your company in a simple way, to help you make cost-saving decisions.

From the central dashboard you will have an agile and global view of the information on the trips made.

trm en tiempo real
dashboard informes

Custom reports

In a single portal you will have at your disposal all travel expenses broken down by travelers, departments, transports, and any criteria you select.

Policies that are complied with.

Set spending limits per traveler, department or profile for automated booking control and no worries.

Single invoice

Forget about excessive invoices. We send you a single invoice at the end of the month.

politicas viajes de empresa que se cumplen
tiempo y control

Gain time and control

Accede a los gastos de tus viajeros de forma sencilla, en un click. Con toda la información digitalizada no volverás a perder tiempo trabajando con multitud de papel y evitarás errores innecesarios.

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