Incentive travel

Vyootrip is a travel agency that will help you implement and organize one of the most powerful motivational tools to reward or motivate staff by cultivating informal relationships.

incentive travel
incentive travel

What is incentive travel?

Incentive travel is defined as travel designed to motivate, incentivize and reward employees or business partners. This type of travel can range from that given to a single individual to that given to a large group only after certain objectives have been achieved throughout the year.

You can use incentive travel as a team-building experience, a networking opportunity or simply as a reward for those who have earned it. If you get the formula right, offer a sufficiently attractive prize, the incentive trip concept will help motivate your team to reach higher and higher targets.

incentive travel

Planning an incentive trip

You can motivate your employees in a way that encourages individual excellence and improves overall company performance. The healthy and friendly competition that incentive programs encourage can be enjoyed between employees, teams, between departments or even between locations.

At Vyootrip we can proactively plan and create an incentive travel program carefully tailored to your company's particular preferences.

Finding a strategic balance between your company's budget constraints, corporate objectives and employee agenda can help you create truly memorable travel experiences and incentive programs that motivate your employees, improve their performance and please management.

incentive travel

Types of incentive travel

Hotels and destinations

The budget-friendly incentive can offer employees unlimited accommodation opportunities. Packages can range from a one-night stay in a nearby city to a spectacular weeklong getaway in a magnificent destination anywhere in the world. There are hotel packages that include other amenities, such as massage service, tour service and buffet meals.


There are many destinations and ships to choose from, making cruises a fantastic individual incentive travel option. Cruises offer a range of rewards that fit various qualification levels and can range in length from as little as three days to more than three weeks. Some cruise packages cover multiple destinations, such as nearby countries, allowing the incentive recipient to explore and travel to other locations while relaxing the mind and body from all the workload of the office.


You can create customized packages to attend exciting professional sporting events around the world. For example, you can reserve a seat at Roland Garros for tennis lovers, a Grand Prix for racing enthusiasts, or a FIFA World Cup match for soccer fans. There are several famous sporting events around the world that can create lasting memories when attended. Undoubtedly, many teams will be motivated to perform better if sporting incentives are offered.


Celebrate your employees' success and achievements with well-deserved leisure and relaxation incentives. You can create the perfect customized getaway for any member of your team. Motivate your employees by offering them their favorite activities in exciting destinations around the world. You can offer a leisure incentive that includes exhilarating snow skiing in Canada, island hopping in the Maldives, a winter adventure in Switzerland, an adventure safari in Africa or scuba diving in the Bahamas.


Looking for something completely unique? Create a unique and seamless incentive travel experience that incorporates your company's needs, budget and objectives. Think about unique locations your team has aspired to visit or activities they've dreamed of trying. For example, you can offer an incentive program to Finland where the recipient can stay in a glass igloo to see the Northern Lights at night. There are many other incentive programs you can consider that are sure to motivate teams to make more sales. Incentives don't have to be super expensive, if it's something they've never tried before, it will undeniably capture their interest.

Rural coexistence

Sometimes to strengthen bonds between colleagues there is no better destination than to get away from society and immerse yourself in a natural environment, where you can enjoy peace, fauna, flora, and good moments of coexistence between colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. For this reason, the team's retreats in a rural lodging can be a great way to disconnect from the stress of work and day-to-day life, and to offer together a space where you can simply enjoy, without having to do anything, without time, deadlines, or forced activities. Where you can share a meal under a tree, or a conversation on the banks of a river.

Why should I implement an incentive travel program?

The reasons to incentivize your employees are endless from a business perspective, and incentive travel is simply a great tool to do it efficiently. Employee incentive travel offers a unique way to travel and explore new places. Customized events and experiences take travel beyond the ordinary. An incentive trip allows employees the time and freedom to engage with their colleagues outside of work, without distractions or interruptions.

Running a successful business involves many variables, and keeping your teams motivated is one of them. Setting company goals, individual goals and benchmark anniversaries go hand in hand to keep your team focused and on track for success. Incentive trips are a great way to thank your employees for their hard work and celebrate their successes together. It's also a great advantage for recruiting new employees, especially when company incentive trips achieve legendary status and are talked about with anticipation.

Incentive travel is perfect for corporate groups, distributor meetings, board events or individual awards. In fact, it can be used for any reason and can be adapted for both large and small groups when needed.

meditation incentive travel

Aspects that we take into account when planning your incentive trips:

We try to maintain a balance between leisure and business activities.

We take into account the demographic characteristics of travelers and tailor activities to their needs.

Novel and attractive activities. The idea is to reward and encourage participation, so it should attract the attention of travelers.

incentive travel advantages

Advantages of incentive travel:

Strengthen ties and establish sincere relationships between workers, which improves the working relationship.

Relate a positive and pleasant memory with the company.

Create empathy between employees and the company

Improving teamwork, motivation and competence

incentive travel advantages

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