Corporate Travel Agency 3.0

Automated management to save time and money

Corporate travel management

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We are a corporate travel agency 3.0. Combining the best of traditional agencies with the best technology to give autonomy and control to companies in the management of their trips.

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With our intelligent platform, all members of the company will be able to manage and book their own travel in compliance with the company's pre-configured travel policies.

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The immediacy and simplicity of the processes makes that the time saving is reduced in a remarkable way. Also getting the best negotiated rates.

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What sets us apart?

Proximity to traditional corporate travel agencies

We offer 24/7 multichannel personal attention to serve you personally.

World-class technology platform

We provide you with the best platform to manage and book all your company's trips.


The platform negotiates the best rates with different providers, to automatically show you your best travel option. In a simple and intuitive environment. We send you a single invoice per month.

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Expense control

Say goodbye to the large amount of tickets and invoices that are generated in a trip for all kinds of expenses. Cabs, restaurants, parking, etc. Digitize everything instantly to provide convenience and save travelers time.

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corporate travel agency

Global events

In Vyootrip we integrate a premium tool, Localsfyfree of charge.

A tool that provides real-time information on all events that may affect travel. Restrictions, pandemics, regulations, natural disasters, etc.

Localsfy will be your great ally to provide you with the best information to plan your trips.

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Travel Relationship Management

The information you really need in real time with a tool that makes it all easy.
Get information on your company's spending, broken down by type of transportation, lodging and any other criteria you need.
you choose.

Set limits on your business travel policy and keep spending under control.
No worries.

Centralized billing

Forget about multiple documents.

Centralize and summarize your invoices the way you want.

centralized billing

Centralized billing

Forget about multiple documents.

Centralize and summarize your invoices the way you want.

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Use Vyootrip from any device

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