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Travel Manager: 7 Tips for Managing Corporate Travel

I know your job and all that it entails. That's why I'm writing a series of tips to make your company's day-to-day travel management easier, so that you can be more efficient in your field.

A professional expert in the management of corporate travel must use all his weapons to optimize these trips, saving more time, optimizing budgets and the number of travelers, making more beneficial negotiations, clearer travel policies and of course providing one of the best travel experiences, among other functions that encompass the special work of a travel professional. travel manager.

That's why we want to show you a series of tips that can make your work more optimal and above all the time you dedicate to it.

Every traveling employee has a mission to accomplish when traveling for business, it is important that we focus on achieving the objective pursued in the business trip and doing it in the most efficient way and for them we cannot divert our attention.

Time savings for a Travel Manager: employees can make their reservations for you.

The whole travel booking process has to be well managed, in the best way for the traveler, so that he feels comfortable and confident enough in his trip to fulfill his purpose in the most successful way. And what better than a travel manager can save time in this task by delegating it to the same employees.

Yes, traveling employees can make their own travel reservations with the utmost flexibility and in compliance with the travel policies created by the company automatically. In addition, Vyootrip in its platform manages a traveler profile to make any type of reservation in a matter of seconds. The traveler will not feel alone in this task since it has a 360º assistance for any problem.

It is advisable to optimize tasks and in the job of a travel manager to dedicate time to other aspects that require it more.

2. You can implement customized travel policies with immediate supervision.

Running a business implies having expenses from minute 0, and business travel was not going to be less. Since its inception and management already must incur a number of expenses that must be controlled,

For companies that have a large number of travelers, it is necessary to establish a travel policy, where the maximum prices set and the criteria that are allowed are established. Travelers who undertake their trips must do so under a series of measures and rules that the company imposes beforehand. Among these measures, there must be some necessary rules to guarantee the safety and peace of mind of the workers.

When making the rules, you can choose to offer flexibility to the employees by listing the possible expenses, indicating the expected budget and the solutions that can be given (means of transportation, place of accommodation, etc.) in this way the employee will make the best decisions about his expenses. The rules must be adapted to the situation, i.e. the frequency of travel, the most common destinations and the most efficient means of transport, so that the objectives previously set can be met.

Thanks to new technologies we can count on tools adapted to centralize and automate tasks in business travel. When it comes to implementing our travel policy, everything is much easier to organize through a digital platform where it is clearly defined who travels, when, under what conditions and at what price, building a valuable source of information and control for a travel manager.

Personalized travel policies can be made, automating the booking processes to offer autonomy to travelers without exceeding expenses. These travelers will be able to make their reservations in compliance with the company's policies automatically, without having to review them or wait for responses, only if you decide so, since you can decide if travelers can make their reservations or if they require approval, thanks to a flow of approvals.

Manage your team.

Successful business travel is also determined by the management of the work team. A travel manager will have to manage his team so that each of the members have clear roles and missions within the trip and with them achieve improve efficiency. Traveling workers must be coordinated with each other and with the company, and good communication between them will bring about a good working environment.

The management of a work team is more bearable with the help of a web portal where all the necessary information is contained to have control of the team, and this is not all, if not you can get a better organization with the creation of groups or departments with the travelers of your company and thus access in real time to each of their actions.

With this you will have all the information very organized, without loss of data and supervised, which will save you time in the search for data and be more efficient.

4. Control expenses in a simplified and organized way in one place.

We know that doing business travel involves a lot of invoices for all the contracts booked, and all the expenses that take place during the trip and that the company will have to take care of. All expenses incurred by the company must be documented in invoices, so that the company does not lose money. In the end we end up with a lot of paperwork, disorganized and without supervised control.

To make your work easier, wouldn't it be simpler to have a single invoice at the end of each month? You can forget about having to search in different files for the trips that have been made. It is much easier to have a single Word or PDF where all the trips made are included, and with a digital platform this is possible. When you have digitized tools such as Travel Relationship Management you get real information about your company's trips in a simple way to make the best decisions, also these reports can be customized by travelers, departments or any criteria. Finally, you gain time and control by accessing travelers' expenses in a single click.

Nowadays, if you have the information digitized, you will not waste time working with a multitude of papers and unnecessary errors will be avoided.

5. Provide instant advice to your company's travelers.

personal assistance

Each of the employees who travel from one destination to another is to achieve survival and success to the company, this traveler has to undertake certain actions that will condition the success in their negotiations.

Before, during and after each trip, many doubts arise in the traveler's mind and even more so if the destination is not known to him/her: does the hotel where I am staying have all the services I require? How much should I spend on my meals? How can I change my train ticket for a later one? Which bus/car line should I take for transportation?

Most of the questions that travelers have during their trip must be resolved as quickly as possible or immediately, so it is appropriate to have a special 24/7 assistance for each traveler, so that their concerns and doubts do not mean a failure in their business objectives.

And it is not enough to have a service available as many hours as possible, but this service must be of high quality, comfortable, efficient and easy for customers. Assistance should be provided through various channels such as chat, WhatsApp, email and telephone. In this way the traveler can have a wide range and choose the option that is most convenient and fast.

It is about being with our traveler, every time he needs it and in the way he needs it, and with the help of Vyootrip you can do it, providing a comfortable solution for you and not another problem and waste of time.

6. Keep travel trends under control to bring benefits to your company.

When it comes to business travel, we must be attentive to everything that happens in the destination we are going to and to the new trends in business travel, in order to get a head start.

You must be aware of the trends that are determining the present of business travel such as Bleisure travel (travel that combines business and leisure elements), the need for personalization of business travelers, the sharing economy for business travel, etc. When you know the new trends and develop them, you get ahead of the competition and make your company prosper.

With the information portal Localsfy Vyootrip you can learn about all the global events affecting travel. This help and information portal is aimed at frequent travelers, travel agencies and companies. It provides real-time information from institutional sources, guides, resources and tips, to travel with the utmost safety. In addition, this portal also offers personalized assistance, attending to all the doubts that may arise in current or future trips.

7. Start with Travel Management Software.

travel manager

In conclusion, the best advice we can give you is to have an travel management software for companies.

Currently, thanks to advanced technology we have at our disposal numerous software that facilitate our work. In the management of corporate travel would help us to manage and automate the planning, reservations obtaining better rates, expenses that encompasses the entire process of corporate travel, help manage travel budgets and with a comprehensive control and monitoring of employee expenses.

In business travel management we can have different software for each performance or one software that contains everything we have mentioned in this article, i.e. online booking, travel policy compliance, travel expense tracking and invoice analysis and receipt, all in one.

Like Reservation management software we can mention Vyootripa solution with which you will be able to manage corporate travel through intelligent technology.

It provides a solution for the whole team simplifying travel booking, for travelers it gives them autonomy to book everything in one place and with a 360º assistance with the participation of a personal assistant available 24 hours a day and having all the information for your destination with Localsfy for greater confidence and comfort when traveling. For managers time savings by reducing the tasks of booking management and for financiers total control of travel expenses by obtaining all kinds of data on hotel and transportation reservations and optimizing those expenses.

An all-in-one software helps to free you from paperwork, expenses and time. It can optimize your tasks and keep track of everything involved in a business trip.

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