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Madrid-Canary Islands to be the world's first covid-free flight

The first "covid-free" flight, or commonly understood as "Covid-19 free", in the world will be a Madrid-Canary Islands flight. Being chosen by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) together with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for its first pilot test in July. It will be the first with a digital health passport that certifies that its passengers do not carry the coronavirus.

Passengers on this flight between Madrid and the Canary Islands will be the first to try out the so-called digital health passport, which will monitor them through an application on their cell phone from the moment they board the plane in the Spanish capital until they travel around the islands as tourists, according to El Mundo (Hoteliers' fear: that the "official on duty" will set the Covid-Free protocol).

The application will be used on four pilot flights worldwide. Although the other cities or countries in which it will be implemented are not yet known, except in the case of the Madrid-Canary Islands flight. The aim is to guarantee the health safety of both the people being monitored and those who come into contact with them by accrediting their state of health.

The application will function as a form of validation between the health system of the tourist's country of origin and that of the place where he/she is on vacation. In this case, being two locations within the same country, they will be managed through the Spanish Ministry of Health. But in the case that they are from different countries, the app would mediate between the two health organizations of the same. This would provide them with direct access to the health status of the traveler in question at all times. 

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