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British Airways resumes half of its flights in July

The company has communicated that they will not leave middle seats empty and will seek new security and distancing measures to prevent the spread of the virus when operations are reactivated. However, they have not gone so far as to make the use of masks or gloves mandatory. 

The decision has been announced after the airline had to lay off 12,000 employees, including pilots and cabin crew. The aim, according to Willie Walsh, CEO of IAG, is to return to service for the most part in July 2020, depending on travel restrictions.

The company has communicated that it will not prevent the reservation of middle seats, citing the difficulty of maintaining the social distance on a plane, unlike companies such as Lufthansa and EasyJet that are willing to sacrifice the middle row. British Airways posits a scenario where there is a normal return to service and all seats are on sale. The use of face masks will also not be mandatory but is highly recommended, according to the airline.

British Airways has been offering its services during the pandemic, mainly for repatriation flights. Practically suspended the 95% from flying.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reported that the blockade could ease next week. However, this does not mean that they are still on vacation abroad.

Some British media have pointed out that the UK is likely to be left off the list when it comes to welcoming tourists because of the highest coronavirus mortality figures in Europe, with almost 32,000 deaths.

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