Travel expense control

How to save on your business travel expenses

How many times have you had to keep all the receipts you receive after every purchase you make or service you hire on your business trips?

More and more people are using paper reminders or through the cell phone so as not to have to accumulate tickets and tickets in wallets or purses, which, as the days go by, eventually deteriorate and we can't remember neither the day nor what we bought at that moment. At this point is where the use of technology becomes crucial to put an end to this everyday problem that arises both in individuals and in companies of all kinds.

With this technological incorporation of which we speak, in recent years many platforms have been created for mobile or computer that, practically instantaneously, are ahead in every way to this ambiguous way of storing tickets.

Inconveniences of storing tickets

Those employees who have a business trip and have to report to their company all the expenses they have incurred during a stay of a couple of nights can be in big trouble, since have to store all the tickets to report to your company and in most cases, ordering, justifying and requesting approval for such expenses takes considerable extra time.

In turn, the risk of losing tickets will always be thereThis will mean a financial loss for the company in the event that these documents are not found.

With such a simple tool that digitizes all tickets In a quick and easy way, it makes the employee and the company feel secure by collecting all expenses and thus also saving costs on one screen.

Advantages of digitizing travel expenses

These innovations offer a wide range of advantages:

  • Streamline employee travel and commutesThis eliminates the probability of incurring in a possible fraud.
  •  Control expenses through the application in real time: through the application we can see all the employee's expenses at any time.
  • It adapts to the relocation of companies: Since it does not require a physical space to access the document, it is perfectly suited to the offshoring of companies.
  • It is easy to use for any user: is a simple tool that requires no previous knowledge to operate.
  • Categorize all expenses: all expenses are automatically stored in the application. In this way, we get digitizing financial department processes.
  • They have a guarantee, since they are approved by major Spanish financial institutions.
  • They can be used by SMEs, freelancers, consulting firms, employees or any other type of entity.
  • Saving paper.

Thanks to this, the management of professional expenses ceases to be a problem and becomes a source of cost recovery, adding value to the company that employees can verify thanks to its complete integration with the user company.

For all these reasons, more and more companies have recently been focusing on this area of expenditure in the business trips The different platforms provide many advantages in these company trips, depending on the needs of each company, and they seek to achieve maximum efficiency in advising each of the other companies.

Expense control tool

An App such as okticket allows you to manage and control your professional expenses from your cell phone without paper or errors, optimizing time. Through a simple photo we can capture receipts and invoices, and store them in the cloud for use at any time.

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