Save on hotels for your corporate travel

5 Tips to save on hotel costs for your corporate travels

September is back and business activities resume again. And with it, the corporate travel.

Most of the bookings that companies make when traveling are based on accommodations. Therefore, it is important to optimize spending on hotel bookings.

In the following article we will discuss some important points when booking hotels for your corporate travel so that you can save on your monthly bill.

Anticipation at the time of booking

A good planning of your corporate travel is essential to start optimizing your budget.

It is true that it is not always easy to foresee when we will need a hotel. However, planning a period for booking is important if we want to optimize our travel spending to the maximum.

How far in advance should I book a hotel?

You may be asking yourself this question. The answer is it depends. However, a study conducted by Trivago commented that one month before the trip is a recommended period of time to make a hotel reservation.

Negotiated rates

Sometimes, when you do corporate travel, you have to travel often to the same place throughout the year.

For example, your company may have offices in different cities and you may need a hotel close to them for work convenience.

Therefore, how can you save in this type of displacement?

A good option would be to be able to obtain negotiated rates with those hotels that you visit regularly.

This way you will obtain an optimal price and reduce the cost in the total hotel reservations. From VyootripIn addition to our global inventory of hotels, we include negotiated rates on those hotels that, due to business needs, you need to visit frequently.

Hotel inventory

Has it ever happened to you that when you search for a hotel you don't get the number of accommodations you expected?

This can lead to two problems:

  • Hotels available are not near the workplace.
  • With few options available, the prices are high.

How do we solve this?

Having a hotel platform where you have access to a global inventory will avoid both problems.

At Vyootrip we have a global inventory of hotels for corporate travel, so if you need accommodation close to your place of work, you'll always have options!

Corporate travel policy

The basis for a good control of your corporate travel costs is to have a correct travel policy.

In it, you can set the spending limits that each traveler will have when booking accommodation, transportation or any other aspect of the trip.

Why is it important to have a corporate travel policy?

Imagine if there were no upper limit on hotel spending. Any traveler could opt for high-cost accommodations instead of a less expensive one that meets the same needs.

If this were the case, hotel spending would skyrocket and the company would incur a higher cost than it would if it had used a travel policy for its business.

Therefore, having a travel policy in place is key if you wish to optimize the budget. Here below is a template to download in case you need it:

corporate travel policy

Autonomy to book

As mentioned above, the time in advance to make a reservation is an important factor affecting the price.

Now imagine a company where a traveler needs accommodation for the coming week.

If you are in charge of making reservations for travelers, it may be the case that you are not available to do so, either because you have other work in the company or because it is a weekend and therefore you cannot make the reservation.

In that case, the employee would have to wait until you were available to get your reservation. That time we lose is important since prices can vary as we have mentioned.

Here is a solution where you can put an end to this problem.

Have you considered empower your travelers?

Giving travelers autonomy allows them to book at any time. This way, they won't have to wait for you to be available and so they don't miss out on potential travel deals.

In turn, you will save time and be able to take care of other important tasks.

You're probably thinking... How do I control spending if I allow them to book on their own?

This is where the travel policy comes in. Each employee will have to abide by the hotel policy he or she has in place.

We can go further. For example, in Vyootrip We integrate each employee's corporate travel policy into the booking platform. Thus, when an employee searches for a hotel, only the hotel options that are within his or her policy will appear.

With this method you will obtain a series of advantages:

  • The traveler will be able to choose the option you like the mostand therefore, you will be more satisfied with your reservation.
  • You save time and avoid mishaps such as travelers coming to you when you are not available to make reservations.
  • We achieved a total of cost control travelers, while still providing autonomy to the travelers.

How to manage corporate travel

Now imagine that all of these methods can be integrated into a single platform of corporate travel management.

With Vyootrip you can have a corporate travel platform where you can manage your travelers' bookings and have full control of your spending.

All your travelers will have a global inventory of hotels where they can book autonomously under an assigned travel policy.

In this way, the company will save time and have all invoices hosted under one platform.

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