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What does it take to make a business trip?

Knowing what is needed for a business trip can sometimes be a little unclear. Since preparing it well not only affects us, but also the future of the company. And this can cause stress if we do not know well what to take into account and we carry out a bad preparation. Therefore, here are some tips and tricks to take into account before leaving.

To take stock of the administrative documents

Beware of administrative delays. Applications for passport y visa take time. Make the necessary arrangements as soon as your travel dates are set. Also, make sure your identity documents are valid. They must be in order during your stay.

For practical and up-to-the-minute information about the country you are going to visit, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides useful information in the "Travel Recommendations" section. (

Play it safe

Don't forget to travel with copies of your identity documents in case of loss or theft, as well as copies of documents specific to your stay. When booking accommodation, flights or transportation, always ask for written confirmation. Also make a note of the addresses and telephone numbers of your future contacts.

If possible, iTry to travel light to avoid losing your luggage.which would naturally increase your stress. A light carry-on suitcase will be enough, especially if the hotel where you are staying has dry cleaning services. Inside you can put one or two changes of sober clothes, a computer reserved for the trip and that does not contain important data, the dossier with the reservations and essential documents for your stay, and the local currency.

Save your professional presentation and the documents you are going to share with your local contacts on a USB flash drive beforehand.

Take care of your health

Before leaving, update your vaccinations and learn about health recommendations.

Adapt your outings and appointments to the phenomenon of jetlag. Take some time to relax and unwind before starting your work meetings. Earplugs or sleep masks are essential.

Finally, between meetings, give yourself time to rest, relax or take a guided tour of the city where you are staying. This will allow you to recharge your batteries before another meeting.

Take care of the logistical details

Before leaving, make a checklist so as not to lose sight of your trip. Remember to plan your attire according to the program of your stay (meeting, gala, business meeting, etc.) and the weather.

Plan your trips in advance. When you arrive at the airport, ask to be picked up so that you can be taken to your hotel without any problems. As for the accommodation, choose it according to its geographical location so that it is well located to reach your appointments on time. Check also the options offered by the building that you may need (laundry, wifi/4G network,...).

Do not forget your adapter, without which it will be difficult to use your computer or cell phone on site. Also take into account the useful life of each of your devices, do not forget to charge them or bring the appropriate recharging devices.

Get organized

Before leaving, make a plan for your trip. Know the local customs, dress codes, gestures and greetings. Do not talk about personal matters with your interlocutors when you are there. Also learn some expressions that will be useful during your stay, especially if the country is neither English nor Spanish speaking. Have new business cards printed according to the language of your contacts and do not hesitate to bring more.

During your absence, delegate your files to your closest colleagues. Also set up automatic absence e-mails with the numerical address and telephone number of the person to contact in case of emergency.

Use a technology platform to manage your travels

Today there are several applications and platforms that can help you better manage your business trips. You don't have to worry about many aspects, and you can make the process easier.

At Vyootrip we offer a business travel management platform that will help you travel and get organized in the best possible way. Discover it here!

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